This is coded by me exclusively for THC. If you visiting here after using the bot, you should read the entire thread and get a feel of it.

Usage is Self explanatory.



Virus Scan:-

This bot is coded from scratch and 100% clean. If there are any detections, they are mostly false positive or detection reads it as "ubot" the programming tool which it is coded in. So its Safe to use as long as you download from this thread.
Still having any doubt?? Dont worry, if you are senior member, i am willing to share the code and you can recompile and and see the result. Welcome.

Download Link:-

Comments and Feedback:-
Your valuable suggestions are necessary. Please comment here or inbox me. You can also PM me if you want a custom bot for free. I will do my best.

Upcoming Projects.
1.Email Account Generator/Creator (Yahoo,Outlook,Yandex,Protonmail, ...etc)
2.Torrent Uploader and Spreader.( A bot that auto-upload torrents to popular torrent sites. Auto-spreading and Great features)